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Istanbul, a 2600-year-old city, has become the latest hotspot. Here the hip meet up with the even hipper in trendy nightclubs, exclusive boutiques and designer cafés. The new hotspots are part of a tapestry of majestic temples, traditional tea houses with sweet pistachio cakes and hookahs – waterpipes – and spice bazaars where you’ll see street vendors wearing fezzes – felt hats – and carrying water tanks on their backs.

As the former capital of the Roman Empire, the Latin Empire and the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul oozes historical grandeur. The atmosphere is heavy with financial and cultural magnificence. Check out the spectacular art at the Istanbul Modern, head towards Kumkapi for the best fish restaurants in town – and wrap up the day with a relaxing time in the traditional Turkish hamam baths and a round of the liquorice flavoured raki drink from one of the local taverns.

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